Tracking government responses towards COVID-19

Please note that - given the exceptional times - we decided to release a version of the dataset that has not undergone extensive data cleaning. We aim to improve the data day by day but can not assure full accuracy among the policies.

You can download the latest dataset and codebook here.

For further information on the methodology and analyses please download our working paper here.

In the plot below you can see our policy activity index scores (PAX) for the vast majority of countries in the world. If you hover over a line in the plot, you can see the country’s policy activity score for that day. You can also choose and compare countries by using the text box below. For more info, see this page.

The CoronaNet Research Project compiles a database on government responses to the corona virus. Our main focus is to collect as much information as we can about the various fine-grained actions governments are taking to defeat the coronavirus. This includes not only gathering information about which governments are responding to the coronavirus, but who they are targeting the policies toward (e.g. other countries), how they are doing it (e.g. travel restrictions, banning exports of masks) and when they are doing it.

Together with 500 political, social and public health science scholars from all over the world, we present an initial release of a large hand-coded dataset of more than 15,000 separate policy announcements from governments around the world visible since December 31st 2019.

The data yields detailed information on

  • The level of government responding to the corona virus crisis (e.g. national, regional/state, local/municipal)

  • Specific actions taken (e.g. travel bans, investments in the public health sector, etc.)

  • Geographical areas targeted by these measures

  • Who or what they are targeting (e.g. foreigners, ventilators)

  • Compliance mechanisms (e.g. mandatory or voluntary)

  • Timing of policy responses.


Please cite the project and dataset as:

Cheng, Cindy, Joan Barceló, Allison Hartnett, Robert Kubinec, and Luca Messerschmidt. 2020. COVID-19 Government Response Event Dataset (CoronaNet v1.0). Nature Human Behaviour (2020).

Questions, feedback or joining the team?

CoronaNet is an ongoing research project and we aim to publish new data versions on a daily basis. The project is supervised by senior political scientists from NYU Abu Dhabi, TU Munich and Yale University, and underlies high-standard validity and reliability checks. If you have any questions regarding the data, you find any inaccuracies, or you want to become part of our network, please contact us here.

CoronaNet Learning Platform

We are an open data science initiative. This means that we want to invite everyone to work with our data. For people who are not familiar with statistical programs, we have designed a Learning Platform that shows you how to work with our data via RStudio.

Please follow this link to enter the CoronaNet Learning Platform

CoronaNet Research Group

The project is organized and led by:

Chief Data Scientist for CoronaNet:

We are thankful for the amazing network of 500 scholars from social, political, public health, and medical sciences, coming from all continents and speaking more than 30 different languages.

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