aidR (under development)

aidR is about making research in the fields of Foreign Development Assistance easier: The full process of data download, management and preparation has been implemented in the accompanying R package aidR. aidR has been developed to make research on foreign aid easier, by providing a direct API to download all datasets and merge them to one complete dataset that includes necessary information about recipient and donor countries, aid flows and trade relationships.

UNPC (under development)

UNPC provides helpful tools to calculate the political competition between mutliple countries in respective to a third- party country. The new measurement for political competition provides a unique indicator for political competition among multiple countries. It takes into account the relation between countries in respective to a third-party country and allows for the country-level distinction of political competition since 1946. This is not only offering great insights for many fields of academic research in the field of IPE and foreign assistance but further can be used to highlight potential alliances and divergencies during specific epochs over time.