Summer 2020

Supervision of Research Projects by Graduate Students at the Hochschule für Politik

Master Seminar: “Analyzing the Coronavirus Pandemic in Real Time (An Introduction to Evidenced-Based Global Public Policy)”

Winter 2019

PhD Seminar: “Data Management, Statistical Analysis, and Visualization with R: An Advanced Introduction”

Master Seminar: “Applied Political Science Workshop: Interpretation and Critical Analysis of Quantitative Methods”

Summer 2019

Advanced Statistics Workshop for Graduate Students at the University of Cambridge

Summer 2018

Bachelor Seminar: “Frühlingserwachen: Social and Political Entrepreneurship”

Winter 2017- Winter 2019

Exam Preparation Courses for Statistics: For economics and social science students at universities Cologne, Mainz, Marburg, Stuttgart Hohenheim

Winter 2016

Teaching Assistant: Methods of Data Analysis and Introduction into R